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The restaurant of our hotel consists of two rooms – a large room and and a small banquet room located in different buildings opposite one another. Near every room there is a kitchen, so even if one of them is serving a banquet or an event, you can always have breakfast, enjoy a full lunch or have dinner in another one.

The hotel’s restaurant offers a variety of dishes of Ukrainian and Transcarpathian cuisine that our chef makes with love of his work and only of quality products. Meat, eggs and milk for our kitchen are supplied from farm enterprises nearby, all the vegetables and fruits that are available we also buy in our ecologically clean region. That’s why our dishes are always not only delicious but also very useful!

And if you book an event you are expected:

In our hotel you can celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a corporate event. We also present all guests of the hotel wonderful holidays for the New Year, Valentine’s Day, the eighth of March and other calendar holidays.

Celebrate with us – lively, tasty, only in a good company!